Die Illegalen (The Illegals)

A research project around artist-members of the anti-fascist resistance network Rote Kapelle (Red Orchestra), active in Berlin between 1937 and 1942.

Video, 42min, HD, 2016
Installation: drawings, research documents and books, reprinted painting by Carl Baumann: ‘Rote Kapelle Berlin’, 1942


Installation views, district, Berlin
In the exhibition ‘Undisciplinary Learning’, September 2016

Vimeolink & Password: upon request


The research-video documents a search for the scattered and forgotten sculptural works of Oda Schottmüller (dancer and sculptor) and Kurt Schumacher (sculptor), both of whom were tried and executed by the Nazi-regime for their participation in the group around Harro Schulze-Boysen, known as Rote Kapelle (Red Orchestra), a wide network of mostly Berlin-based anti-fascists.
Many of Kurt Schumachers sculptures were destroyed by the Gestapo when he, his wife and his friends were arrested in 1942. Oda Schottmüllers expressionist dances were captured on photographs, but most of her sculptural work has been lost.

I have visited the depots of the National Gallery, private homes and archives, were the few remaining works by both artists are being held, hardly ever accessible for public view.
The video also shows the places were both artists had their studios–recalling their lives and works that seemingly left no trace in the present.


Das Fragmentarische der überlieferten Informationen zur Form machen, Fragen und Leerstellen zu einer Erzählungen modellieren, etwa so wie den Ausdruck von Gesichtern aus Granit oder Marmor herauszubringen. Doch die Arbeit, die hier zu tun ist, fühlt sich an wie eine Rekonstruktion aus Staub, etwas das zersprengt wurde mit Gewalt und verstreut blieb über eine lange Zeit.
Wie kann man Menschen, Körper, Skulpturen oder eine politische Aufgabe aus Abbildungen und Briefen wieder erstehen lassen? 



A Bees Incident

Eleni Mouzourou & Naomi Hennig, 2013

4-channel video installation

see pdf for details 

Installation view at Apartment Project, Berlin, September 2014





Vast Schemes

Videos HDV, 7:13, 2013

Translations and voice: Marina Nicleod

Sequences for 2-channel Videoinstallation


Vast Schemes, sequence 1, Gaelic audio

Vast Schemes, sequence 2, english translation of audio.

Vast Schemes
Landscape without Humans

The systematic expulsion of rural population from northern Scotland, known as the Highland Clearances, was described by Karl Marx, as part of the early-capitalist process of so-called ‘primitive accumulation’.

Fragments of past land-use and ruined settlements are scattered here and there in the otherwise unspoiled romantic panorama. The language of the Gaels, decimated centuries ago, remains as a ghostly presence, revived within a contemporary multiplicity of identities. The research project explores different aspects of this history, noting that ‘a working country is hardly ever a landscape’ (Raymond Williams).

The work consist of selected excerpts from the first volume of Marx’ Capital, where he describes the forced eviction of Gaelic-speaking rural population from the late 18th century onwards. The passages have been translated to Scottish Gaelic. The audio-recording is combined with video-documentation of abandoned farmsteads and ruins, filmed in different locations in north-western Scotland in 2012.

During the exhibition at Quiet Que, Berlin, the English text passages could be read on a separate monitor next to the video projection.

An additional projection showed excerpts from a film documentation of urban decay in Glasgow, filmed by a local community group in 1984 (Clyde Film, 16mm, 32 min.)
The combination of these projections points to the repeated processes of expulsion of the poorest parts of the population, and their forced resettlement into urban and industrial areas. To this day, the largest Gaelic-speaking community exists in Glasgow.

—› Exhibition views, Quiet Que Berlin, 2012



Mneumonic Demolition

Video DV-PAL, 6:03, 2009



Insula Sacra

Video DV-PAL, 6:41, 2007




Video for 4-channel surround projection

DV-Pal, 6:00, 2006

collaboration with Hannes v.d.Fecht (original images) and Block Barley (sound)